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How Working Remote Affects Your Client's HVAC System

Covid-19 has changed many people’s lives in many different ways. One of the most prominent ways it has changed people’s lives is that they are now working from home. Working from home allows people to work in an area where they are not exposed to the Covid-19 virus. But did you know that working from home can affect your client’s HVAC system? They will need to ensure that their HVAC system is running at peak efficiency.

How Staying at Home Affects The Heating and Cooling System

When people work outside of the home, they will set their thermostat to a lower or higher temperature. Their unit does not have to work hard when no one is home. When people work from home, they will want comfort, so they need the unit to run well. This can affect efficiency, especially if the homeowner has not been maintaining it. When the unit is not efficient, working from home may cause the homeowner’s energy bill to skyrocket.

When someone works in a remote setting, they are also at risk for poor indoor air quality. When someone is working from home, they will be using their heating and air conditioning more. Dead skin cells, dust, and other debris will be more common. The homeowner will need to prepare their unit for the increase in these particles. Having good indoor air quality will help the person working from home have better health.

How to Address This Issue

Your HVAC company should promote the importance of regular HVAC maintenance.  This can help homeowners have lower energy consumption and good indoor air quality. Maintenance from an HVAC professional will help to ensure that the unit is efficient. An HVAC professional can instruct the homeowner on how to do basic maintenance. This can include how to change the air filter, how to address any issues, and how to keep their unit clean. If they have any issues with their HVAC unit, they should know to call your company immediately. That way, one of your trained and helpful HVAC professionals can help them. Tell the client that maintenance done twice a year is a must. It will improve indoor air quality, save money on energy bills, and help to lengthen the life of their unit.

Fast repairs and proper maintenance of the HVAC system by a HVAC professional are vital. This will help to ensure the comfort of the homeowner that is working from home. When a person is comfortable in their home, productivity will increase. They also will be happier and more successful. It does not appear that remote work is going anywhere. In fact, many companies are continuing to opt for their employees to work in the remote work sector. It helps the company to save money, and helps to reduce exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

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