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AHRI, or the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute is the trade association that is home to the industry’s three performance certification programs for indoor comfort. This includes heating cooling, and commercial refrigeration equipment and components.

They are also a valued resource for industry shipment data, education, workforce information, and research while also developing industry-recognized performance standards for equipment.

How To Get An AHRI Certificate

To get a rebate from most programs, you will need an AHRI Certificate that verifies the efficiency level of the equipment that was installed. It will also provide energy savings information and will act as support documentation if audited. Listed below are the steps to obtain an AHRI Certificate.

  • Go to this site.
  • Look up the product either by the AHRI Reference Number, the Model Number, or the Product Type.
  • If searching by Product Type, select whether it is Residential or Commercial, then choose the type of product installed.
  • All Fields on the Search Page are NOT mandatory and should be left blank. Begin with typing in the Model Number of the furnace on the top right and start with entering only the first five characters. Less information is better in utilizing the search tool. If you get no results, remove some characters from the Model Number field and search again. Selecting a value for a Trade/Brand name is not recommended, as this is typically the ‘series name’, not the manufacturer name.
  • Click on the AHRI Certified Ref # in the first column (at the far left) to download a pdf version of the AHRI Certificate and print. At the bottom of the screen, a pdf file will appear. Click to open the Certificate.


AHRI’s globally recognized and industry respected certification program helps you, as equipment and component manufacturers, sell more products, win bids, differentiate yourselves from competitors, and comply with government requirements.

When specifiers and other decision makers see that your equipment bears the AHRI Certified® mark, it will provide them with the assurance that your equipment will perform accurately and consistently, thus helping you win more bids.

Look At AHRI Certified Products Today

The products we provide are certified and tested through the AHRI to ensure that you are getting the most efficient and most high-performing products. View our available product offerings here.